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At Oralvie, we believe taking care of your smile should be easy and convenient. This is why our reception team is at your disposal in Montreal, to answer all your questions and plan your next consultation. To make an appointment for a first visit, or in the event of a problem or emergency, simply call our telephone number: 514-313-0122. We realize that your schedules may be hectic and that you are looking for a dental clinic with convenient hours. That's why we offer extended hours, including Saturdays, Sundays and weeknights. So you can choose the time that best suits your busy schedule. Before your next visit to our dental center, remember to bring all relevant information, such as a list of all medications you are taking, your insurance cards and anything else you need to be prepared for your appointment. We want our patients' experience to be as pleasant as possible, and that starts with proper preparation. We offer a variety of personalized oral care including comprehensive exams, orthodontic treatments, regular care and much more. Our experienced dentists work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs. You should also know that the choice to protect, maintain and care for your teeth belongs to everyone. The more frequent the visits, the lower the cost of care. To keep your teeth for life, a check-up at least once a year is essential. Make an appointment now at Oralvie for practical and personalized dental care. We look forward to welcoming you to our dental clinic in Ville-Mont-Royal for your regular visits or in case of emergency.

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Monday: closed

Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am - 5pm

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Friday to Sunday: 9am - 5pm


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