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The 10 Worst Foods 
for Your Teeth

A healthy diet is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mouth.

Although it is common knowledge that certain foods, such as sweets, can promote the development of cavities, they are not the only ones that can harm your teeth.

Also, you will be surprised to find that some foods that seem great for your body are not well tolerated by your teeth.

In this article, we are going to tell you which are the worst foods for your teeth.


Candies and Sweets

Candies contain large amounts of sugar, which is responsible for cavities.

After eating them, sugar residue remains on the teeth. Bacteria metabolize these remains, creating an acidic environment in the mouth and causing cavities.


Soft Drinks

Even though they are labeled as sugar-free, sodas and soft drinks contain a sugar additive and are very acidic. Therefore, they harm the teeth and promote the formation of cavities.

Their consumption not only weakens the enamel, but also causes tooth erosion.

It is recommended to drink water in parallel, in order to eliminate the acid from the teeth.

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Alcohol and Wine

Like soft drinks, alcoholic drinks are acidic and contain sugar.

In addition, alcohol can cause dehydration, especially wine, which contains a compound that can dry out the mouth, tannins.

Without saliva, the teeth are not protected, and the mouth turns into an acidic environment. Therefore, you are likely to get cavities.



Although great for your body as they contain vitamin C and other vital nutrients, citrus fruits should be eaten in moderation as they are extremely acidic, especially lemons, limes and blue plums.

When consumed in beverage form, their potential to harm teeth increases as more sugar is added to the formula.


Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are a great way to replenish lost electrolytes to keep you going. However, they contain large amounts of sugar and, in some cases, caffeine.

It is recommended to moderate their consumption or to replace them with water.


Coffee and Tea

Both coffee and tea have many nutrients that help your body function properly. Unfortunately, caffeine can dehydrate you and cause dry mouth. In addition, it is common to enhance their taste by adding sugar or additives, which is even worse for your teeth.

Finally, aside from green tea, coffee and black teas can stain your teeth.

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Ice Cream and Hard Foods

Even though they don't cause cavities or acidic mouth, biting ice can chip your teeth.

Your teeth are designed to handle biting down on hard foods, but there's a limit to that. If you are unlucky enough to hit a weak spot, you may even fracture your tooth.


Sour Candies

Sour candies contain sugar while being sour and sticky and providing no nutritional value to your body. Therefore, they combine the worst things to look for on any food.

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Dried Fruit

They are rich in nutrients and vitamins. However, they are also high in sugars.

After the drying process, the water content of the fruit is decreased, and its size is reduced while the sugar remains the same.


White Bread

Bread contains large amounts of starch. Saliva and bacteria break down this starch and turn it into sugar.

Plus, it sticks easily between teeth and on tooth crevices, giving bacteria a constant supply of nutrients to produce cavities.

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