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Empowering the people through oral health

Oralvie is a dental clinic that offers a multitude of top of the line and modern services in a calming environment.

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What to Expect 
For Your First Visit

Your first visit at our clinic is very important because it will allow us to get an overall idea of the state of your oral health. To facilitate the process of your first visit, here are the steps to follow.


About Us

Our Services

Examen complet.jpeg

Complete Exam

From the first meeting, our team will take the time to study your file, which will allow us to target all your needs.

2 hours

Examen d'urgence.jpeg

Emergency Exam

Do you have concerns, pain, aches, or breakage? We will receive you within the shortest time possible to fix the problem!

45 minutes

Root Canal

Dental Implants

Replace a missing tooth with a durable, natural-looking implant suitable for your mouth.

Depends on complexity

Invisalign Consultation

Orthodontics and Invisalign

Entrust us with your smile and we will use the best existing systems to align your teeth.

Tailored to your needs


Aesthetic Dentistry & Veneers

Looking for the perfect smile? Several options are available to you to find the look that suits you.

Tailored to your needs


Dentistry for Children

Your kids don't like going to the dentist? No problem. Our team is trained to welcome and build confidence with your children from the first interaction, regardless of their needs. 

45 minutes

Autres service.jpeg

Other Services

We also offer several services such as restorations, crowns, bridges, gum grafts, extraction of wisdom teeth and muscle therapy for all your needs.

Depends on treatment

Why People Choose Oralvie

Dedicated Team

Our team will always do its best to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your treatments.

Soothing Environment

Our clinic is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. The use of aromatherapy helps eliminate traditional dental odors.


The use of the latest technology makes our treatments more predictable, faster and improves the experience of our patients

Quality Dental Care
Accessible to All


Flexiti Financing

We offer different ranges of financing through Flexiti.


Payment Plans

Our treatment plans are designed in a personalized way, which allows us to offer you a service adapted to your needs and your situation.


Revised Fees

Our fees are constantly reviewed in order to remain affordable while offering exceptional processing quality.


Dental Insurance

We accept all insurance, including RAMQ .


Contact us today!

We're more than happy to help.

Or call us at 514-313-0122

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