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Dental Clinic

Emergency Exam

Do you have concerns, aches, pain or breakage?
We will receive you within shortest time possible to solve the problem!

Accidents Happen!

Whether it's a broken tooth, an infection, discomfort, a change in the appearance of your mouth or unbearable pain, our team is there for you. During a dental emergency, it is better to consult quickly. Our team guarantees that they will do their best to treat you the same day.

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What is a Dental Emergency?

Any sudden or abnormal change in the appearance of your mouth could be considered a situation requiring prompt attention. These situations are not always accompanied by pain.

The most common dental emergencies:



A painful sensation is the first reason that leads to a consultation with the dentist. Unfortunately, the causes of pain are very varied and can be due to several totally different reasons. During your consultation, the dentist will assess the nature, type and frequency in order to precisely determine the source of the pain as well as the ways to correct it. If you have a feeling of pain, light or intense, frequent or infrequent, you must call us to do an examination.




Swelling or a feeling of swelling is also a frequent source of dental emergency consultations. The most likely causes are an infection of the gums or teeth, although several other reasons can explain this phenomenon. In the case of infections, the swelling is often accompanied by pain.



Whether it is by accidentally biting into the pit of fruit, during a fall or without apparent cause, it can happen that a tooth or a filling fractures. In the majority of cases, the situation can be resolved in a simple way, but some cases may require more complex support. One thing is certain, it is important to consult as soon as possible during an incident of this nature in order to avoid complications or reduce the prognosis.

Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth can be the cause of a significant number of dental emergencies. The simple eruption of these teeth (often between 18 and 25) can cause pain and headaches. Often, wisdom teeth can cause operculitis, which is an infection of the tissues around the tooth when it is not completely erupted.


Food Crushing

The accumulation of food between two teeth can cause mild symptoms or sometimes more intense pain, headaches and tension. In addition to pain, crushing food can lead to irritation and damage to the gums.

There are many other types of emergencies and uncomfortable situations. If in doubt, it is best to call us.

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