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Complete Exam

From the first meeting, our team will take the time to study your file, which will allow us to target all your needs.

What to Expect

For most of our patients, the first visit at Oralvie begins with a complete examination. Our goal is to better understand the state of your oral health.

Soft Tissue Examination


We will check the state of health of your mucous membranes and all the structures present in the mouth such as the inside of the cheeks, the tongue, the floor of the mouth and the oropharynx. Our routine includes checking for abnormalities and rigorous screening for oral cancer.  

Teeth Examination


We check each tooth, one by one, to determine their level of health. To do this, we will put all the necessary means to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Our examination includes x-rays as well as all other common tests.

Gum Examination


A healthy mouth begins with healthy gums. A thorough gum examination is included with each of our comprehensive exams.

Examen complet.jpeg

Explanation of Treatment Plan


In the event that you need treatment, we will take the necessary time to fully explain your condition, the necessary treatments and their alternatives. What is important to us is to offer you a personalized approach, because we know that all our patients are different.



We know that dental treatments can be a significant and unexpected financial burden. To do this, we will do our utmost to make care accessible.

No insurance? No problem.

We closely monitor our rates to always provide a fair price for our quality care. We offer a range of different financing options adapted to your needs.

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